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Adding product options

OpenCart gives you the ability to sell different versions of the same product. This can be handy if your product comes in different colors and/or sizes. Options are created globally, that is, you do not need to configure the same options for multiple products. Options are set up in the OpenCart Dashboard.

  • Log into your OpenCart Dashboard
  • Go Catalog > Options
  • Click Insert
  • Enter in the fields
    • Name: The name of the option like Color or Size
    • Type: this is the type of selection the customer will make
    • Sort Order: Order to display this option on a product
  • Click “Add Option Value
  • Enter in the fields
    • Option Value Name: This is like a size or color of the item the customer can choose
    • Sort Order: This is the order in which to display the specific option
  • Repeat the last 2 steps until all your specific options are created for the main Option

 Now, that you have create the option, you can add the option to a product.

  • Go to Catalog > Products
  • Select the product you want to add an option to by clicking on “Edit
  • Go to the “Option” tab
  • In the box with the green+” icon, start typing the name of the “option” you created in the previous tutorial and choose the option from the auto suggest
  • Click on the green+” icon
  • Depending on the option you will see different fields. Click on “Add Option Value
  • Choose the Option Value, Stock, Price, Weight, etc. that you want to set for that product when a user chooses the specific option. Click “Save” when you have set all the option values


OpenCart allows you to use “Options” globally. If your options are generic like colors or sizes you can use them on multiple products to save time without adding them to the options page in OpenCart. Just edit the next product and start typing the option again and the option will appear.

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