June Business of the Month – Habercrafty

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Business name:  Habercraftey

Website:  www.habercraftey.co.uk

Short description of your business:

Unique & custom made accessories, flowers & art handcrafted from zips.

How long has your business been running? 3 years

What made you start the business?

I had just finished 3 years or Art & Design courses and had intended on applying to university but due to my husband being in the military we were move to Cornwall. For me this was the perfect fit as Cornwall is probably the best known place in the UK for the Art & Crafting industry, so rather then attend more lectures I decided to harness the inspiration and strike out on my own.

Who is your target market?

Any one who loves something abit different &/or lovingly handmade items.

Where do you advertise?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etsy & local craft fayres

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What is the thing you enjoy most about being a business owner?

Being able to be creative & having control of your own work as well as getting to know clients who inspire you to do something you may never have thought of.

What have you found most difficult as a small business?

Making a proper living hehe, running your own hand crafted business isn’t easy or a quick way to make fast money. I definatly do it for the love and everything I earn goes straight back in to fund new ideas.

Where would you like the business to be in 5 years time?

Ooo thats a tough one, I really just want to keep pushing my creative boundaries and am currently planning and working on more zipper art. So for me I guess it would be to be better known in the creative world. Ideally then I would also hope to have a small team to train and help develop & make new design ideas.

If you had to start again, what would you do differently?

Well part of the creative process is about making mistakes & learning from them so not alot really. But one thing I have learned recently is to try and not worry about if what you are working on is going to be a big hit or not, I wish I had focused more on things that inspire me rather then what may or maynot appeal to everyone else.

What tips do you have for anyone looking to start a small business?

In regards to starting a handcrafted business – Don’t expect it to be a get rich quick kind of thing, it can become very addictive & costly once you get started. It takes alot of time & effort but is well worth it.

Do something you love & enjoy as with handmade if your hearts not fully in it it shows in your work. Keeping your work fresh with new ideas or one off items helps both you & your clients to remain interested.

And finally every small business will tell you to keep upto date with your finance books, there is nothing worse that having to go through a years worth of reciepts & invoices to do your tax return in January.  There are plenty of free websites that you can use to keep track of your income & outgoings, which I fine very helpful to utilise as I can update my books using my tablet or phone reguarly meaning I don’t have to turn on the pc to input just one expenditure.